Melancholic Rejoice

Really liking these filters I got

today has become one of those really good days where things just get better and better. 

went to work (it sucked) but was able to shoot a co worker of mine during my lunch break

went shopping for paper for my project due tomorrow settled for moab entrada rag 11x17 

got home and shot my new friend Domino (drag queen Pearl Teese) got some great shots for the project 

friday i emailed this craiglsit seller about some old Polaroid cameras she had for sale and contacted her again this morning via email and finally we agreed to meet this evening so i can pick em up i totally hit the jack pot. Her partner and her are the cutest lesbian couple ever. We talked about cameras ,(one  of them was a photographer that was down sizing her camera equipment due to moving to a new place)life her in the city our work and shared out info to remain in touch. what i got from them 

  • polaorid auto land camera 430
  • polaroid land camera electric zip ( which i’ll modify for wet plate)
  • polaroid land camera swinger model 20 (which ill modify for wet plate)
  • polaroid land camera color pack II 
  • two kodak brownies (which ill modify some how)
  • set of polaoid lens filters 
  • polaroid shutter and flash transmitter (old technology but works great)
  • and extra flash cubes

also my chemistry for Wet plate collodion came in today so i can start shooting wet plate as soon as possible.

Today was a fantastic  day 

These are the kind of clouds painters dream about

Made a new friend today @pearlteese as domino . Now I have to scan everything *sigh*

Shot Katie during my lunch break butch realness what chu know about that 😍😍😍😍 she’s such a cute boy swoons


Had an amazing afternoon shooting bay area performance artist thearchivesblog at the pier 24. So many good prints makes me so happy go check him out

Today’s events


Few days ago shooting portraits through trash bags Mane. @jamrockss @lydssz and Danny

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