Melancholic Rejoice

Had an amazing afternoon shooting bay area performance artist thearchivesblog at the pier 24. So many good prints makes me so happy go check him out

Today’s events


Few days ago shooting portraits through trash bags Mane. @jamrockss @lydssz and Danny

Portraits through #trashbag #texture and #color 😁

6 parnassus muni line

Coke vendors

Bought some porta 160 to use on my canon underwater sure shot and canon motor power point and shoot and some developer hopefully I don’t fuck up development.

Self portrait in my garage before leaving the house.

Overpriced and high alcohol containing ales trying them all one at a time

Accurate depiction of my life

Went to good will today found an old camera (one that my parents used as a family portrait camera ) it was brand new and I just had to have it cause it gave me good nostalgic feelz. Also got two albums for that I’ll use for reclaimed negatives these two snap shots were in one of the albums fabulous ladies posted up next to a tree.

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